Semalt: 6 White Hat SEO Methods To Boost Referral Traffic

All webmasters want to drive lots of traffic to their websites, but few of them achieve the task. In other words, we can say that referral traffic is the only way to get lots of views and hits on your website, but it's a part of black hat SEO. If you want to generate quality traffic, you will have to follow the rules and regulations of Google and adopt the white hat SEO strategies.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, provides here some white hat methods to drive a massive amount of referral traffic to your website.

Method 1. Be Active on Q&A Websites

Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora are a good source of referral traffic. If you have a small-sized business and want to grow it in a few weeks, you should not waste your time here and there and be active on both of these websites.

Before starting the discussion, you should recognize the topic, category and search phrases that are relevant to your website. There is no use to answer the questions in groups where your site's topics are not being discussed. Alternatively, you can begin your own discussion and create a separate group, attracting more and more people to your website by leaving its link within the question. You can put multiple links of your website related to the content of the question and tag some people to get a huge amount of traffic.

Method 2. Create a Video Marketing Campaign

These days, a lot of people are interested in video marketing campaigns, so you should create a bunch of campaigns every week. Make sure they are relevant to your website so that you can target the desired audience.

The first step is to recognize and identify the motive of your campaign. Next, you should be clear about the topic you want to discuss in your video content and use a call-to-action for driving more and more actions within minutes. Don't forget to record and publish the videos on YouTube and keep promoting your channel.

Method 3. Use Content Curation

The third method is using content curation. It is time-consuming, but content curation is one of the most useful and surprising ways to drive a massive amount of quality traffic to your website. Plus, it helps you build quality backlinks within hours. You should always curate engaging and informative content and avoid copying the work of others. It should be original and can be used on websites like Storify and

Method 4. Influencer Marketing Campaign

An influencer marketing campaign is an ideal and powerful way to raise your site or brand in front of a significant number of people. These days, a lot of digital marketers are using this strategy to promote their businesses and brands on the internet. Influencers are of different types, but the most famous influencers are celebrities, trendsetters, domain experts and bloggers. You can collaborate with some of them to enjoy maximum advantages for your site or brand.

Method 5. Join Forum Posting Websites

Online forums are a good way to generate quality traffic. You can join a few popular forums and post about your website. Try to engage a lot of people through conversations and leave your site's links within the conversation.

Method 6. Use Social Media

You should make the wise use of social media sites to drive quality traffic to your website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram are an excellent source to promote your content on the internet. Try to get lots of likes, shares, comments, and followers by following the rules and regulations of the social networking websites. Share your content in Facebook communities and tweet on a regular basis. It should be fresh, shareable and informative.

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